Andrew Wells demands clarity on NNDC leadership plans

Andrew Wells, Liberal Democrat leader on North Norfolk District Council, is calling on the Council to make clear how it plans to share leading officers with Great Yarmouth.


The Chief Executive and finance officer of Great Yarmouth Borough Council left their posts in the autumn. North Norfolk District Council agreed that their CEO and finance officer could work part time for Great Yarmouth on an interim basis. But they made clear that they wanted to see a detailed plan of how the arrangement would work. Councillor Wells has spoken out after the failure of NNDC to provide those details.

"Liberal Democrats support efforts to cut costs by sharing services. We have to do it in an open and properly planned way, though. I hope the ruling Conservative group on the council will take important decisions in an evidence-based and accountable way," says Cllr Wells. 

Cap on care costs

Cap on care costs

As Care Minister I secured a commitment to deliver reform of our unfair care funding system. The reforms would have made sure people didn't have to sell their house in their lifetime to pay for care, and that far more people would get some financial help towards their care. The Tories have now said the reforms will not be introduced next year as planned. Will you sign my petition to demand they honour their commitment?