Chancellor must pledge funding for rural roads - Lamb

Norman Lamb, the Liberal Democrat MP for North Norfolk, has called on the Chancellor to ensure that rural areas get a fair slice of new funding for improving Britain’s roads.

In his first Autumn Statement tomorrow (Wednesday 23rd November), Chancellor Philip Hammond is set to announce an extra £1.3bn for improving Britain’s roads, to ease congestion in towns and cities and upgrade transport networks.

Mr. Lamb has now urged the Chancellor to make sure that rural areas share the benefit of this investment as well as towns and cities, particularly country roads prone to flooding.

Commenting on the eve of the Autumn Statement, he said:

“Roads and transport links are a crucial part of Britain’s infrastructure, so the announcement of additional investment is welcome.

“However, Mr. Hammond must make sure that a fair share of this money is spent on maintaining rural roads. Roads in Norfolk have not been well enough maintained in recent years with cutbacks to funding. They are often hit by flooding problems because of inadequate drainage, causing great inconvenience to local residents and damage to the local economy. The sad truth is that the Government doesn't seem to realise that they will pay the price for this neglect in years to come. 

"Better maintenance and better drainage in rural areas must be a priority, and my challenge to the Chancellor is to provide a cast-iron guarantee that communities like Norfolk will not miss out on this much-needed investment.”

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