Would you like lower energy bills?

Energy Deals from your local council

A number of councils across the country are now offering gas and electricity deals to the public – in a direct challenge to the big six energy companies. The savings are made possible by local councils using their buying power to negotiate competitive arrangements with smaller energy companies, and evidence suggests that those who are switching to such deals are able to save on average £250. This is clearly a significant saving and I am aware that many households could do with a reduction in their energy bills of this sort. 

I am keen for North Norfolk District Council to look at the work of these pioneering councils and investigate whether they can offer a similar scheme to local residents. I have written to the Council to make the case that those living in North Norfolk should be given the opportunity to benefit from the significant savings which seem to be possible.

I am running a survey here to find out the level of interest and I will be informing the Council of the results at the end of November. Please make your voice heard and encourage others to do so too! 

Many thanks,

Norman Lamb

Would you be interested in saving money off your energy bills by purchasing gas and electricity from North Norfolk District Council if this was something they offered?