Fair shares for North Norfolk

Norman Lamb has called on the government to ensure that rural areas get a fair deal on funding.

Yesterday, Mr Lamb co-sponsored a debate in Parliament that called for Council Tax payers in rural areas to be protected from the impact of cuts in government funding for local councils.

“Urban councils get more in government support than rural areas despite the strains being placed on the delivery of vital services by funding cuts. I am particularly worried about the impact on the provision of care. The government risks penalising older people and those most in need of support and many care providers are already struggling to provide the high quality service that people deserve on the funds available,” says Mr Lamb.

The government announced an increase in the Rural Services Delivery Grant before Christmas but this only provides half of the extra support that campaigners say is needed.

Cap on care costs

Cap on care costs

As Care Minister I secured a commitment to deliver reform of our unfair care funding system. The reforms would have made sure people didn't have to sell their house in their lifetime to pay for care, and that far more people would get some financial help towards their care. The Tories have now said the reforms will not be introduced next year as planned. Will you sign my petition to demand they honour their commitment?