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For 16 years Norman Lamb has worked tirelessly to stand up for our community as local MP. His office helped over 10,000 constituents with their problems during the 2010-15 Parliament. Donate now to help re-elect Norman Lamb as a strong voice for North Norfolk. Read more

Norman Lamb's plan to give all North Norfolk children the best start in life

Liberal Democrat MP Norman Lamb wants all children to have access to nursery school so they can get the best start in life.

"We must give every child a fair chance and the Liberal Democrats in government made big strides in the right direction. We need to go further," says the North Norfolk MP. The Pupil Premium and Universal Free School Meals were backed by the Lib Dems in coalition. They are beginning to make a difference for children from less well-off backgrounds. But experts say action is needed even before children get to school if they are all to have a fair chance. 

"We haven't looked at the school starting age since the time of Queen Victoria. Universal Nursery Education will help us to create a level playing field for all," says Norman Lamb.


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