New solution for parking problem in East Runton

District Councillor Sarah Butikofer reports that there are new proposals under discussion to solve an old problem. Parking on the Common on East Runton has been an issue for residents for many years.

"Cars routinely park not just in the small number of spaces in the passing area at the bottom of the Common, but on up the road around the bend past Incleborough House. Visibility is poor at this point and motorists overtaking the parked cars are often travelling at speed. On too many occasions drivers have to take evasive action to avoid collisions and pedestrians find themselves in very dangerous situations," says Sarah.

The new idea is to introduce a ‘Trod’ (a pathway constructed from all weather material) along the side of the common nearest the road, protected by a few bollards at appropriate intervals.

This will provide pedestrians with much safer access to and from the village. Hopefully motorists will also be deterred from parking one wheel on, one wheel off the common. 

The Parish Council is currently in the process of applying for match funding from the County Council.

"There is a risk that this solution, like many of the others, could result in moving the problem from one area to another. Motorists will inevitably look for new locations to park their cars. Both the Parish Council and I would like to hear  your views on this subject."

Cap on care costs

Cap on care costs

As Care Minister I secured a commitment to deliver reform of our unfair care funding system. The reforms would have made sure people didn't have to sell their house in their lifetime to pay for care, and that far more people would get some financial help towards their care. The Tories have now said the reforms will not be introduced next year as planned. Will you sign my petition to demand they honour their commitment?