Norman Lamb calls for affordable housing for older people

There is a significant shortage of appropriate and suitable homes for older people and this needs to be a priority for the government, according to North Norfolk MP Norman Lamb.   

Speaking to North Norfolk Older People's Forum, Mr Lamb said more needed to be done to correct market failures and to promote innovative schemes that seek to solve the problem.

He also highlighted the need for a joined up approach to care that includes adequate housing as part of the solution.

Norman Lamb told the Forum:

There is a need for a concerted drive towards more integrated, joined-up care. Good integrated care recognises that housing is critically important and this requires housing providers to work much more closely with the NHS and care services. 

In Cornwall, GPs work closely with a volunteer network combating loneliness helping to get people out of their homes to give them a better life. In this way, if you give people their life back, their mental and physical health improves and they become less dependent on the NHS and on care services. GPs find that they are helped in doing their work by close collaboration with volunteers and carers.”

The MP also criticised the government for plans to abandon the planned cap on care costs.

Photo on main page courtesy of North Norfolk Older People's Forum.

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