Proportional Representation

I have been contacted by a number of constituents as part of a campaign from the website 'Do Gooder' regarding Proportional Representation.

Unfortunately, I was unable to attend the Westminster Hall debate on Proportional Representation on 23rd April due to prior diary commitments, but I very much agree that in a democracy all votes should count - and should count equally. It is wrong that elections are effectively decided by a relatively small number of voters in marginal seats. Many elections across the country are a forgone conclusion, with people and their votes taken for granted or ignored completely by politicians as a result.

As the traditional party system fragments, Proportional Representation allows all voices and opinions to be fairly represented in Parliament.

Although there are concerns that Proportional Representation would result in 'hung parliaments', this would only happen if people voted in a way that made it clear that they did not want any one party to run their council/Westminster alone. The UK coalition government, and governments in many other countries, show it is perfectly possible for multi-party governments to get things done and govern in a responsible and sensible fashion.

It is time that we fix our electoral system so that we can build a better politics: more representative, more co-operative and more diverse.

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