Tory abandonment of cap on care costs is a betrayal of older people

Norman Lamb has accused the Conservatives of “betrayal” for abandoning a pledge to introduce a cap on care costs, meaning many older people in North Norfolk will end up paying thousands of pounds more for their care.

As minister in the Coalition Government, Norman introduced a cap on care costs to protect older people against catastrophic costs experienced when someone ends up with a condition like dementia.  

Within weeks of winning the election in 2015, the Conservatives announced that they were postponing the introduction of the cap, despite committing to it in their manifesto.  While Norman said at the time that this amounted to an abandonment, the Government insisted that the cap would be implemented in 2020.

Today, the 2017 Conservative Manifesto confirms that the cap has been abandoned.

Renowned economist Andrew Dilnot, who chaired the long-term care commission that originally proposed the cap, said that the Conservatives’ plan to make homeowners pay more for their care will leave “many people worse off” and “completely on their own” to deal with care costs.

Norman Lamb, who pushed through the Care Act (2014) which included Dilnot’s proposed reforms to the care system, commented:

"This is an outrageous betrayal of people who work hard all their lives, end up with a condition like dementia and will now be saddled with catastrophic costs to pay for their care. 

“All those with care needs in North Norfolk now face losing most of what they’ve worked for.

"The Conservatives claimed they had merely delayed the cap on care costs, now they have abandoned it. It is completely shameful.

“We could have made such a difference to people’s lives, allowing them to plan for old age with the knowledge that the cap on care costs would have protected them. Now, it is gone for good. That’s what happens with the Conservatives without any opposition or without controls over power.

“If re-elected to Parliament, I will continue to fight for a cap on care costs of £70,000 to protect older people from seeing everything they’ve worked hard for disappear.”  

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