Trophy Hunting

I have been contacted by a number of constituents regarding trophy hunting.

I was very happy to support the Early Day Motion in Parliament regarding the import of hunting trophies (EDM 1829). Trophy hunting has a huge impact on many endangered species and during the debates on the Ivory Bill, my party's MPs and Peers made it clear that we support an immediate and unilateral ban on the UK’s ivory trade and also on trophy hunting imports.

The illegal wildlife trade has major negative impacts on biodiversity, existing ecosystems, the natural heritage of the countries of origin, natural resources and the conservation of species.

A change in law to ban the import of hunting trophies would be a quick and easy way of tackling this issue and would show countries around the world, including those where the trophies originate, that the UK is serious about ending this practice.

Please be assured that my Liberal Democrat colleagues and I will continue to fight to ban trophy hunting, ivory sales and the illegal wildlife trade.

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